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Mallika Sherawat  Mallika Sherawat and Howard Stern challenged by Howard Stern Howard Stern

Mallika Sherawat the big bombshell of Bollywood has the biggest challenge in front of her. Howard Stern the king of sex in USA compared her with Pamela Anderson and challenged her to "show it all" in Howard Stern TV show. Mallika recently chickened out in front of Mahesh Bhatt's "Murder". But this one she might go for. It may involve millions of dollars in modeling contract and who knows a door opener for Bollywood.
The history of Mallika Sherawat in this regard is not pleasant however! If Mahesh Bhatt had his way in his forthcoming film Murder, everyone would have seen a nude Mallika Sherawat. "Yes, there was such a scene which Bhatt wanted. But I refused to shoot it. He had offered to use a body double and shoot me swimming in such a way that it would look as if I was totally naked in the pool. He said he'd take a top angle shot," says Sherawat.
Bhatt agrees that "it was a completely nude scene. But it was just her jump into the pool that was to be projected as nude," Bhatt explains,
So how come the 17-kiss Mallika backed out? "I thought I am a modern girl. But when the moment actually came, I developed cold feet," she adds.
Bhatt adds, "My only grouse is why did she agree in the first place? She remains a small town girl with an Indian heart! Why pretend to be someone else?" Murder, also starring Ashmit Patel and Emraan Hashmi, is the story of a neglected wife who indulges in an extra-marital affair.
Hot newcomer Mallika Sherawat says while she likes handsome and robust guys, she also confesses to "have a thing" for older men.
Speaking about the men of her choice Mallika says she has some unexplainable desire for men older than her age. A news report recently quoted her as saying that she has a crush on none other than Dharmendra .
In fact, Mallika is working with Dharamendra in a film titled Kis Kiski Kismat.
The lissome belle said that the veteran actor flirts with her (in jocular spirit) on the shooting and she finds it "simply irresistible."
"Dharam ji is still so dashing and good-looking he is even at 71. I don't see anyone today who has half his charisma," Mallika was quoted to have said.
Mallika also has no inhibitions in accepting a soft spot for filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt for "his intellectual sensibilities and his wisdom."
Other men Mallika desires are Hollywood stars Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro.
It appears that the younger men interested in Mallika should put their energy elsewhere rather than chase this 'open minded' bombshell.

Mallika Sherawat   Mallika Sherawat - Sex Symbol The Sex Symbol of Bollywood

Struggling to acquire the tag of India's sex symbol, Mallika Sherawat has virtually dropped her clothes to clinch the 'coveted'(?) title. Mallika started out as a small-time model and actress from Delhi called Reema Lamba before she re-christened herself Mallika Sherawat (the second name is reportedly her maiden one). The rumour is that she was already married to one, Capt. Gill from Delhi, but sadly, the marriage didn't exactly work!
A small-town girl (from Rohtak in Haryana), Mallika always had stars in her eyes and was determined to pursue the glamour profession and give it all it took to make it! Even though her conservative father was dead against her decision (he still is!), Mallika defied his wishes and moved to Mumbai to carve a niche for herself in the big bad world of showbiz!
For her teachers at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, she is a flamboyant, bold, sharp, outspoken girl. For her ex husband, she is a lost ache. Her parents and relative see her as their li'l girl fighting out on her own and for us she is our 'Controversy Queen'.

Mallika Sherawat   Mallika Sherawat in Playboy offered to pose for Playboy

You thought you have seen enough of her. But there is more to go! The oomph of the sizzling Bollywood seductress Mallika Sherawat is so widespread that she has been offered to pose for the center spread of the illustrious Playboy magazine. This is for the first time that an Indian actress is being considered to feature in the Playboy magazine, which till date has featured only blonde females.
While the actress was unavailable for comment, her publicist Parul stated that going by Mallika's sexy image she might consider the offer but then again going by her traditional Indian upbringing, she is most likely to reject it.

The craving for sex is natural: Mallika   mallika sherawat

Hot siren Mallika Sherawat , who caught attention with seventeen kisses in her first film, has very liberal views about sex. Mallika is not the one who would talk about sex in suppressed tones. While she claims that she is still a virgin, she doesn't attach any piety to the idea of a girl preserving her virginity till her marriage. The hot belle rather opines that sex is fun, adding in the same breath that she has no hiccups in going physical with the man of her choice even before marriage. Expressing her views on the issue to a leading entertainment tabloid, Mallika said: "I find the idea of a girl preserving her virginity for her husband quite outdated and repulsive. It is this kind of societal repression that is driving the youth to frustration and giving rise to crimes against women." "The need for sex is natural and the more you seek to curb it, the stronger will be the backlash," said the actress who promises more of 'revealing stuff' in her coming movies.

Mallika's French connection

Sex siren Mallika Sherawat is keeping a low profile these days. After her kiss-and-tell debut in Khwahish where she got more mileage than co-star Himanshu Malik is still waiting for the second big film. Govind Menon who has signed her for his forthcoming Double Attraction is in no hurry to start his film. Mallika meanwhile is also hoping that the Indo-French production that she had signed starts rolling really soon.

Mallika feeling "alone and vulnerable"

Mallika Sherawat is miffed at being treated disrespectfully by some people in the film industry just because she is open about doing sexually explicit roles.
Mallika says she is deeply disturbed by the incident that happened recently on the sets of Channel V. It happened that Mallika's co-star in "Murder", Patel played a prank on her by calling her under the pretense of a journalist of People's Magazine. But the prank got ugly after Ashmit called Mallika a bitch and proposed her to sleep with him for a night.
"It was so degrading. I've never felt more humiliated in my life. When you start talking about sleeping with a woman I don't think it's funny," a teary-eyed Mallika told a reputed News agency.
"Just because I've a sexy image, does it mean people can take liberties with me? If I was an Aishwarya Rai or a Kareena Kapoor, they'd never have dared to play such a prank," said Mallika.
Mallika also recalled an incident when she was recently pitched against 'Tulsi' (Smriti Irani) in a television debate where Smriti ripped her apart for her "hot" screen image. Mallika's reply to Smriti is: "She herself wore a swimming suit when she participated in a beauty contest!"
"I feel I'm all alone and vulnerable to all sorts of lewd targets in Mumbai," said the star of "Murder".

'Mallika is too much too soon'
A day before the release of her new film Kis Kis Ki Kismet, Mallika Sherawat came on TV to announce, "I'm coming this Dussehra to set the screen on fire." Well, the fire engines are still waiting. By all reckoning, Mallika Sherawat's climb to the top and fall from grace has been the fastest process of stardom and exile ever seen in Bollywood. Within a few months of the release of her star-making vehicle Murder , Mallika has systematically eradicated all chances of being a screen queen. Her first post-Murder release Kis Kis Ki Kismet didn't even get a decent release in spite of considerable skin display. "Maybe that's the whole problem," sniggers an unnamed filmmaker. "Mallika is a perfect example of too much too soon. The amount of notoriety she acquired after Khwahish and Murder , the disproportionate amount of skin display and most damaging, her tall claims and her constant tongue-lashing about every sacred cow, both human and institutional, made her a persona non grata." The Hindi film industry can forgive an exhibitionist. But not a braggart. Most trade experts see Mallika as an extension of Mamta Kulkarni who, a decade ago, made a career for herself lambasting all her colleagues from Manisha Koirala to Karisma Kapoor and by shedding as many clothes as possible. Mamta Kulkarni created uproar among moralists by posing topless for Stardust magazine and later dancing live for Lalu Prasad and his coterie in Ranchi. She vanished soon after. No one knows where she is today. Mallika's attempts to shock conservative elements have now begun to appear strained and redundant. Her constant refusal to respect certain basic standards of decency has raised the hackles of the entire industry. Today she has no assignments on the floors besides her Khwahish - Kis Kis Ki Kismet director Govind Menon's next where she shares the marquee with Rekha. With Kis Kis... kissing the dust, would there be any takers for a Sherawat-Rekha starrer? Extremely doubtful. A more important question. Since shedding clothes was her primary claim to fame, how does Mallika get out of the skin trap? Indications are, audiences are satiated with sleaze and cheesecake. At least five major filmmakers in Bollywood are planning to make romantic films about innocent sexless love. Needless to add, none of them intends to cast Mallika. So where does she go from here? Actually the situation isn't as grim as it seems. Even her worst detractor agrees that Mallika Sherawat has style and sensuality. All she needs is to get away from her constant obsession with showing her body and flaunting her outspoken attitude, and to focus a bit on other talents she may or may not possess. The world's sexiest actresses from Sophia Loren to Raquel Welch, from Sharmila Tagore to Zeenat Aman have finally come into their own as actresses. If Mallika Sherawat can act with more than just her body, chances are she can reinvent herself. But for that she needs to stop treating the audience as a sex-starved mass of male predators. She must win over the women and family audiences. That's where Aishwarya Rai has always scored over Sushmita Sen.

It was a year in which sexlets and top actors bared all as never before. Wardrobes became ventilation machines, hemlines rose and blouses disappeared. The steam express rolled into Bollywood with Hawas, Murder, Aitraz, Ab Bas and Tauba Tauba. There were flings with extra-marital affairs and alternative sexuality whereas top actors acquired new arm candies in real life. Anil veteran Kapoor heralded the season's longest smooch on-screen while Bebo cried hoarse when caught doing the same off-screen. Mallika Sherawat and Neha Dhupia dropped most of their clothes to prove that only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sell. On its part, the boob tube systemised marital rape with unchecked impunity. Neha Mehta & Prerna Singh Bindra bring you the morning show Jat viagra for BO The top headline grabber for her outrageous quotes, blasť attitude and over-the-top sex quotient was, undisputably, Mallika Sherawat. Not only did the Jat girl declare that she is Viagra for the box-office, but also said that she's a virgin and lives like a nun. What's more, the 'nun' was reportedly asked to pose for the legendary Playboy centrespread! It turns out that she declined the offer. But that didn't stop her from going to town about other "international offers." The offers in question turned out to be a bit part in a Jackie Chan movie "The Myth".

After catapulting herself into the sexlight, Sherawat had to bear with intense public scrutiny. The media reported that she wasn't exactly from a back of the beyond place in Haryana where "women are treated like cattle", but from an upper middle class family of bureaucrats. She also buckled under a TV host's pressure and confessed that she would never do a fully nude scene. To which a disgusted Mahesh Bhatt called her a small town girl with small town sensibilities.

Los Angeles Honoring Mallika Sherawat as an Honorary Citizen...

By : Subhash K. Jha IANS Sunday, October 31, 2004 The Pioneer Sunday, December 26, 2004

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Bollywood does a Madonna
Ever since it discovered a kiss, Bollywood is pulling out all stops. If Madonna made woman-to-woman hip, Bollywood has done a man-to-man. In an industry where today's trends are tomorrow's fads, it does well to pick a cue from Madonna, who knows the art of reinventing herself better than she can sing. Love her, loathe her or lust for her, but you cannot ignore her, the self-styled queen of erotica. Her lingering lip-to-lip with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during the Video Music Awards was nothing short of outrageous, but the unlike-a-virgin star achieved what she wanted to with her high-voltage shock treatment. If Madonna has made woman-to-woman fashionable, Bollywood has gone a step further. Our Hindi film industry had grown out of the birds cooing, bees humming and flowers blooming syndrome a while ago. But now, it is truly on its way to shed all inhibitions. This week's new release, Rules - Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula, has two men doing a lip service. It's a fleeting number, unlike Madonna's raunchy act, but a real new in Bollywood, where a kiss no longer raises eyebrows. Mallika Sherawat and Himanshu Mallik in Khwahish, Madhu Sapre and Jackie Shroff in Boom, Abhishek Bachchan and Lara Dutta in Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost, Bipasha Basu and Aftab Shivdasani in Footpath have already made a kiss a Bollywood staple. The men in Rules take it to another level. "Oh my Gawd", "vulgar", I heard women scream in the cinema hall as the two characters, playing homosexuals, kiss after one barges into the house where the other is meeting his prospective bride. The stunned relatives leave in disgust, while the prospective bride bursts out laughing. The real-life reactions are likely to be as varied, but Rules might have given the Bollywood audience something to talk about.

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