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NB14MN : Perky Nipples Bra - Silicone Breast Forms

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NB14MN : Perky Nipples Bra - Silicone Breast Forms

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Natural bra with Super Perky Nipples
Size: 52DD


***Size: 52DD

*New super perky nipples

*These breast forms can be worn with any kind of bra

*Sexy cleavage is abundant with - no fuss, no muss, just pure sensuality

*This version not only imparts a stunningly realistic appearance of the breast itself, but also features a realistic transition of the breast form to the chest wall so that it is almost impossible to differentiate the breast form from a person's natural breasts

*Most realistic looking and feeling breast forms found anywhere

*These breast forms are made from the highest quality silicone on the market

*Instant breasts - best and most realistic

*These have the weight of natural breasts, and they jiggle like real breasts too

*The backs are slightly concave, making them an EXCELLENT fit for those small-breasted women and others

*These have a dark color, slightly raised nipple

*They are not as shiny as other forms, making them great for dressing semi-nude for an all-natural appearance

*The enhancers are perfect for those who want bigger breasts, but don't want to commit to the cost of implants or hormones

*These silicone forms are GREAT for cross dressers but look real and natural on anyone looking to expand their bust line

*They come packaged in their own high quality storage boxes to ensure long-term satisfaction

*The breast form actually jiggles and moves just like a real breast and allows furthermore for sexy breast cleavage

*The forms back is just slightly concave making an excellent fit!

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